Spine Tumor Research and Clinical Trials

City of Hope has long been a leader in cancer research, driven to bring the latest scientific findings into clinical practice as quickly as possible. With our extensive program of clinical trials, patients here have access to new treatments that are not yet available elsewhere.

New strategies
Unlike drugs that act by chemically destroying cancer cells or halting their growth, new strategies in development at City of Hope are using alternatives such as immunotherapy. This uses the body’s own immune system to attack cancer tissue from within.
In one strategy, T cell s, the body’s primary defense against infection, cancer and other diseases, are genetically reprogrammed to fight cancer, grown in large numbers and infused into the body, where they seek out cancer cells and attack them. City of Hope researchers are also testing ways to add cancer-fighting substances to immune T cells, making them even more powerful. Other methods being developed include loading immune cells with microscopic “nanotubes” filled with anticancer substances. As they seek out cancer cells to destroy, the cells deliver their drug therapies directly to the tumor site.

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