Specimen Requirements
Please adhere to these instructions for sampling and labeling.
Requisition Form
  • Download the requisition form here in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free here.
  • Specimens should be sent with a completed requisition form for overnight delivery using proper handling techniques.
  • Include completed HLA Laboratory requsition form with shipment.
  • Call the laboratory at (877) 443-GENE (4363) upon shipping the specimens.
Before the Specimen is Drawn
  • Call the laboratory at (877) 443-GENE (4363) to schedule testing.
Drawing and Storing Specimen for Shipment
  • 5-10 cc of blood should be draawn and immediately transferred into 1 yellow tope tubes (ACD Solution A) and one red top tube.
  • Mix well by inverting tubes several times.
  • Store specimen at room temperature.
  • Include completed HLA Laboratory requisition form with shipment.
Labeling Specimen
  • Please label each sample with the following information:
  • Date blood was drawn
  • Name, birthday, race and patient’s I.D. number
  • Recipient/donor relationship