Geri & Richard Brawerman Ambulatory Care Center
At City of Hope’sGeri & Richard Brawerman Ambulatory Care Center, medical excellence encompasses all aspects of treatment, from providing the most advanced therapies and technologies available, to supporting patients and their loved ones in a comforting and compassionate environment.

Managed and operated by theCity of Hope Medical Foundation, the Brawerman Center houses City of Hope'soutpatient clinics, each focused on bringing the most current therapies to patients receiving treatment for cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. These clinics include pediatrics which focuses on both the medical and psychological needs of children and their families; our Hematology/Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation Department, for patients receiving treatment or follow-up care; our Medical Oncology Department, dedicated to all manner of cancer care, including infusions and diagnostics; and our Surgical Services Department, for outpatient surgical procedures.
The depth of our care extends far beyond providing sophisticated medicine. Simple yet meaningful amenities such as a café, an expertly staffed support care desk, convenient appointment scheduling and lush garden retreats help make the patient experience more positive and healing.

Evaluation and Treatment Center
Located in the lobby of the Brawerman Center, the Evaluation andTreatment Center is open 24 hours for unscheduled or urgent, non-emergencymedical needs or for patients who are having scheduled outpatient procedures.