Research Service Centers

To facilitate scientific progress, City of Hope provides investigators and their laboratory teams access to sophisticated support services and state-of-the-art equipment through many of our core facilities and service centers.
  • Center for Biomedicine & Genetics
    Our Center for Biomedicine & Genetics manufactures promising new genetic and cellular agents created by researches for use in clinical trials. We are uniquely equipped to evaluate therapies swiftly and move lifesaving drugs into the marketplace with great speed. CBG invites collaborators from other institutions and biopharmaceutical companies to test promising new therapeutics, and supports phase I and II clinical trials at City of Hope.
  • Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)
    Our Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) actively pursues patent protection for new inventions devised by its investigators deemed of commercial importance. Further, the OTL licenses intellectual property (IP) via Internet marketing, targeted marketing and inquiries by outside interested parties.
  • Office of IND Development and Regulatory Affairs
    The Office of IND Development and Regulatory Affairs helps campus investigators interact with governmental regulatory agencies and remain in compliance with United States Food and Drug Administration requirements.