The Radiation Oncology Department has state-of-the-art equipment to perform the most advanced forms of radiotherapy. Our present equipment includes two TomoTherapy units, two linear accelerators, radiographic simulator, CT simulator, computerized treatment management system, and two treatment planning systems. With this equipment, City of Hope can offer patients the therapy that is right for them.
Helical TomoTherapy
In early 2004, City of Hope became the first in Southern California to offer radiation therapy treatment using the TomoTherapy HI-ARTÆ System. The system combines the advances in Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), 3D medical imaging, and computer control that have been instrumental in improving cancer treatment.
Previously, treatment required two separate apparatusone visualizes the target, the other delivers the radiation. With helical tomotherapy, one unit houses both the computed tomography (CT) scanner and radiation source. The advanced, single helical tomotherapy unit thus systematically simplifies the radiation process, while providing more advanced, precise treatment technology.
CT Simulator- 3 Dimensional scanning
A CT simulator uses a CT scanner to localize the treatment fields on the basis of the patient's CT scan. A computer program automatically positions the patient couch and the laser cross hairs to define the tumor, normal organs and the treatment fields. This same program provides automatic outlining of external contours and critical structures, with interactive treatment field display and placement, display of dose distribution, and review of multiple treatment plans.
With the complexity of advanced treatment, computerized monitoring is required to provide the additional verification and documentation of all treatment deliveries. This computerized verification provides a greater level of treatment accuracy on a daily basis, while managing and documenting all aspects of radiation therapy care.
Treatment Planning System
This system offers 3-dimensional treatment planning for extremely complex TomoTherapy-IGRT and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT).
Three Dimensional Treatment Planning System 
Treatment planning software has been commercially developed to meet the planning needs of the most complex radiotherapy arrangement. Currently, the most advanced diagnostic imaging studies, such as MRI and PET/CT can be incorporated into the treatment planning process. The fusion of these imaging studies provides radiation physicians and physicist with enhanced views of both cancerous and normal structures, for even greater targeting or sparing.