Prostate Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

City of Hope is a recognized leader in prostate cancer research. Our projects have been funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and many other research-based organizations, and our scientists collaborate with other leading research institutions to develop tomorrow’s breakthroughs today.
  • New Prostate Cancer Detection Tests: This new noninvasive test detects the presence of telomerase in prostate fluid. Telomerase is an enzyme associated with certain cancers  and this test may prove to be more sensitive than the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test in the detection of prostate cancer. This research could lead to improvements in early detection of prostate cancer, while reducing the number of unnecessary biopsies. In addition, this test may also help identify high-risk patients who may benefit from additional surveillance and therapy.
  • Erectile Dysfunction Study: A clinical study is currently under way to evaluate whether patients who use regular, low doses of erectile function drugs soon after surgery return to potency faster than those who do not take the doses regularly. This study will help determine if it is beneficial to start rehabilitation as early as possible to increase blood and oxygen flow to the penis. City of Hope researchers are looking to recruit 220 men for the study. Study-related medications will be provided to participants free of charge.
  • Prostate Cancer Outcomes Database: City of Hope has established a prostate cancer database to collect data on all consenting prostate-cancer patients receiving their primary treatment at City of Hope. The data is used to analyze patients’ clinical outcomes and quality of life and correlate them to the treatments and follow-up care they have received.
  • Mapping Interactive Cancer Susceptibility Genes in Prostate Cancer: This study seeks to determine the role of genetic factors in prostate cancer, specifically whether multiple genes with weak impact to prostate cancer risk can interact to become a stronger influence.
  • Quality of Life and Psychological Adjustment in Prostate Cancer Patients and Their Partners: This study examines the psychological adjustment and quality of life issues that may affect prostatectomy patients and their partners before, during and after a prostatectomy. This data will enhance our understanding of the impact of cancer on patients and family members, shed light on patient-partner interactions following diagnosis and help with developing better psychological interventions to improve the patient and their partner’s quality of life.
Patients and physicians can access Clinical Trials On-Line to find out about prostate cancer clinical trials that are currently being conducted at City of Hope or visit our clinical trials information page.

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer or are looking for a  second opinion consultation about your treatment, find out more about  becoming a patient or contact us at 800-826-HOPE.