Physical Therapy

City of Hope's Physical Therapy Program helps patients who have been weakened by disease or treatment regain and maintain their maximum level of function and independence.
Side Effect Management
Fatigue and pain including post-surgical pain are common during treatment and recovery.  Our physical therapists are highly experienced in treating these conditions with a variety of techniques such as manual therapy, transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation, modalities, customized bracing, body positioning, therapeutic exercise and education.
Wound Care
Cancer patients can experience skin problems for a variety of reasons, including after effects from radiation therapy or delayed healing. Skilled in wound care, including the cleansing and application of dressings, our therapists work closely with plastic and reconstructive surgeons and nurses to bring the latest treatment advances to our patients.
Mobility Training
Patients may experience loss of mobility for many reasons including weakness, pain, loss of sensation, neurological deficits, or joint problems. City of Hope Physical Therapists are available to assess patients and provide treatment to address these problems in order to achieve the highest level of mobility possible.
Balance Disorders
City of Hope Physical Therapists are experts at assessing and treatment balance disorders that may arise from disease, cancer treatment, or prolonged bedrest. They provide important assistance in helping patients prevent falls.
Musculoskeletal Disorders
Our Physical Therapists are highly qualified to assess and treat a variety of musculoskeletal disorders that arise from cancer or cancer treatment. These problems are typically addressed with strengthening exercise, and use of prosthetics or orthotics.
Prolonged bedrest and hospitalization have be shown to result in rapid decline in overall strength and flexibility. Our Physical Therapists provide treatment to help patients prevent of minimize this loss of strength, or to restore it as quickly as possible
Our outpatient Physical Therapy Staff are available to assist patient who experience incontinence. (See Continence Recovery Program)
Palliative Support
Physical therapists also play an integral role in the comprehensive palliative support of patients, providing pain management and quality end-of-life care.

If you would like to be evaluated by a Physical Therapist, please ask your physician for a referral.