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Professional Experience

  • 2009 - present, Professor, Department of Molecular Medicine, Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope, Duarte, CA
  • 2005 - 2009, Professor, Department of Immunology, Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope, Duarte, CA
  • 1999 - 2005, Associate Professor, Department of Immunology, Beckman Research Institute
  • 1994 - 1999, Assistant Professor, Department of Immunology, Beckman Research Institute


  • 1992 - 1993, The Scripps Research Institute, CA, PostDoc, Structural Biology
  • 1992, Rutgers University/University of Medicine & Dentistry, NJ Ph.D., Biochemistry
  • 1985, University of Science & Technology of China, PRC. B.S., Chemistry


  • 1996, American Cancer Society Junior Faculty Research Award
  • 1993, NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship


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