Pediatric Musculoskeletal Cancer and Sarcoma Program
Every day, City of Hope treats patients of all ages – children, adolescents and adults – who are referred to us by physicians from California and throughout the U.S.
Children with musculoskeletal cancers find more than hope here. They and their families find expedited diagnosis and rapid treatment that begins in hours or days, not weeks. Because musculoskeletal cancers can be especially aggressive and fast-growing, our team of specialists and clinicians collaborate efficiently on the best course of treatment for each patient.
Treatment for these bone and soft tissue cancers combines chemotherapy and other drugs with surgery and radiation. City of Hope researchers pioneered the use of hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT) as a treatment option for patients with advanced sarcoma, and a current study involves the use of new imaging techniques, novel radiation oncology techniques and HCT. Our approach integrates powerful new anti-cancer drugs with alternative therapies in an effort to spare patients’ limbs. We are successful in this effort in 85 percent of our cases.

We are one of the few centers in the nation that perform limb-sparing reconstruction using expandable prosthetic implants for children and adolescents. These prostheses “grow” with patients as they are expanded using noninvasive or minimally invasive techniques. This allows us to accommodate for your child’s continued growth without multiple major surgeries. Using these devices, we are able to remove bone cancer and save limbs, while at the same time reducing the number of surgeries and improving recovery time.
As part of the Pediatric Musculoskeletal Cancer and Sarcoma Program, care is provided by a multidisciplinary team of surgical oncologists, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists who work together with pathologists, radiologists, rehabilitation experts and others to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients. To help patients and families adjust during treatment and rehabilitation, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and child life specialists provide psychosocial support. Our team includes:

Judith K. Sato, M.D., director
George T. Calvert, M.D.
Dominic Femino, M.D.
James S. Miser, M.D.
Helen Mormann, F.N.P.
Margarita Munoz, PA-C
Amy Tafel, M.S.W.

A unique benefit of being treated at City of Hope is that we treat patients of all ages in our musculoskeletal program. If your child relapses or requires continued treatment or follow-up into adulthood, your family can stay with a team you know and trust, providing greater continuity of care.

As one of a handful of institutes to attain the elite designation of  Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), City of Hope is acknowledged as a leader in cancer research and treatment. Here, your child has access to innovative clinical trials, researchers and physicians who are nationally recognized experts in developing novel methods for preventing, detecting and treating soft tissue sarcoma and bone cancer. We are actively developing tomorrow’s treatments today, and our musculoskeletal investigators are collaborating with other scientists in other disciplines to develop promising new treatments.
For more information about our musculoskeletal treatments and research, visit our Musculoskeletal Cancer and Sarcoma Program website.