Pain Palliation
Many patients with cancer often experience chronic, debilitating pain, whether due to the main tumor itself, or from a painful metastasis involving other soft tissue organs or bone. Pain can manifest as focal bone and back pain, soft tissue pain, or as diffuse "belly" pain in patients with spread of their tumors within the abdomen. Due to the excruciating nature of their pain, many patients often require large amounts of pain medication just to remain functional. However, these medications, especially narcotics, may lead to many other problems, such as constipation, nausea, and in some situations, addiction. Certain patients may, however, qualify for specific pain reduction procedures provided by a minimally-invasive specialist.
Below are some of the procedures that we offer, both for cancer related, and other benign, sources of acute and chronic pain.
• Celiac Neurolytic Blockade (for intractable belly pain)
• Bone Pain Palliation (for bone metastases and other lesions)
• Spinal Nerve Block
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