Medical Oncology Clinical Trials

The Department of Medical Oncology and Therapeutics Research conducts and participates in numerous clinical trials with promising therapies that are not yet widely available. City of Hope patients who meet the trials’ criteria will have opportunities to enroll in these studies, giving them access to the novel cancer treatments that may become tomorrow’s standard of care.
Our searchable clinical trials database contains more information about individual trials, including study details, its eligibility criteria and its principal investigator at City of Hope.
The types of trials include:
  • Phase 0 trials: the earliest in-human trials studying how the new drug works and how it is absorbed and processed by the body.
  • Phase I trials: small studies whose primary goal is to ensure that the new drug is well-tolerated and to establish the maximum safe dose for patients.
  • Phase II trials: studies that examine the new drug’s effectiveness against the cancer and further evaluates it for safety.
  • Phase III trials: multi-site studies involving numerous patients that compare the new drug against current standard therapy to see if it improves survival and/or quality of life.
  • Phase IV trials: these studies are typically conducted after the new drug has been approved and monitor for its long-term safety and efficacy.
For information about enrolling in a clinical trial, contact our New Patient Services department at 800-826-HOPE (4673).