Intensive Course Information
General Course Description
City of Hope's Intensive Course in Cancer Risk Assessment is flexible to accommodate the needs of participants with varied training backgrounds and practice settings. Coursework includes multidisciplinary didactics, interactive case conferencing, molecular genetics wet-lab and training in the use of informatics resources.
At the conclusion of the course the participants should be able to:
  • Integrate cancer genetics and oncology knowledge into clinical practice
  • Apply skills commensurate with practitioner-level proficiency into the cancer risk assessment and case management process
  • Recommend risk-appropriate options for cancer surveillance and prevention as part of the cancer risk assessment, including imaging, chemo preventive and surgical interventions
  • Incorporate understanding of medical, legal, and psychosocial ramifications of cancer risk counseling and testing into clinical practice and research collaboration
  • Discuss clinical research methodologies in cancer genetics epidemiology and cancer prevention trials for high-risk cohorts
  • Recognize the roles and practical issues related to Human Subjects Protections, Informed Consent, Institutional Review Board and HIPAA in clinical research
  • Provide resources and information on current hereditary cancer registries, cancer epidemiology and cancer prevention studies to patients and professional colleagues
  • Use research training and support to participate in collaborative research activities
  • Realize greater professional self-efficacy related to cancer risk counseling and research participation skills
  • Incorporate web-based resources into ongoing practice-based education, professional development and research network support
Course Fees
The course is supported in part by funding from the NCI (IRC4CA153828-01 and IR25 CA112486). The non-refundable fees* (TBD) cover course materials, breakfasts, lunches, and receptions not supported by grant funding. Lodging and travel costs are not included in the course fee; however, the hotel provides a reduced group-rate of $65 per night for shared housing and $129 per night for single occupancy.

*For more information regarding registration fees, please email the Intensive Course coordinator at