Living with Gastrointestinal Carcinoid Tumors

While our primary goal is to cure or control the disease, another top priority is relieving suffering and discomfort for gastrointestinal carcinoid tumor patients undergoing cancer treatments.
In addition to curative treatments, City of Hope gastrointestinal carcinoid tumor patients and their caregivers have access to the broad range of services offered by our Department of Supportive Care Medicine. The department’s staff of professionals, including registered dieticians, rehabilitation specialists, supportive medicine physicians and clinical social workers, can help patients and loved ones with a variety of care and wellness issues including:
  • Managing cancer or treatment effects such as pain, nausea and fatigue
  • Palliative care to reduce discomfort and stress, physical and mental, throughout diagnosis and treatment
  • Adjusting to new dietary and lifestyle habits following gastrointestinal carcinoid tumor treatment
  • Coping and maintaining emotional/social/spiritual well-being
  • Navigating through the health care system
  • Staying healthy and active during/after treatment
  • Healing arts
  • Building caregivers’ skills
The Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center is the physical space and the heart of the Department of Supportive Care Medicine, integrating all support services in a central location. The Biller Resource Center provides a warm and welcoming space where patients, families and caregivers can access the resources, education and support they need to strengthen and empower themselves, before, during and after treatment.
For more information or to contact the Biller Resource Center staff, please call 626-256-4673, ext. 32273 (3CARE).
This site includes tips, tools and online resources to help cancer patients and their families with issues that arise during cancer treatment.

Additional Resources
If you have been diagnosed with gastrointestinal carcinoid tumors or are looking for a second opinion consultation about your treatment, find out more about becoming a patient by calling 800-826-HOPE or filling out the Request a New Patient Appointment Online form.