Employment Authorization Document (EAD)

An Employment Authorization Document (EAD) proves that you are eligible to work for any employer in the United States. The EAD card is not employer-specific and allows a foreign national to seek employment with any employer.
Financial need does not have to be shown to obtain employment authorization. In fact, in some cases the applicant will be required to establish that his or her income will not be used to support the primary visa holder. Employment authorization must be renewed annually and expires the same time that the authorized period of the primary visa holder's stay expires.
Spouses and/or children of E-3 Australian, J-1 Exchange Visitor and O-1 visa holders in the United States may work under E-3D, J-2 and O-3 visa status upon application and receipt of the appropriate work visa.
E-3D, J-2 and O-3 visa holders must file an application with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services ( USCIS ) and be approved prior to beginning employment in the United States. A Form I-765 Application for EAD Card must be filed with the local USCIS office that serves the area where they live.
How to Apply for an EAD Card
You may be eligible to file for an EAD card electronically through the USCIS or by submitting your application physically to the applicable service center. For more information, visit "How Do I Get an EAD Card?".