Diabetes Resources and Supportive Care

Advances in diabetes research and treatment have made it possible for diabetics to live long and comfortable lives. City of Hope believes that all patients should be active participants in their care. We, therefore, offer a number of useful resources to diabetes patients such as educational newsletters and brochures to keep up-to-date on new therapies and other developments, cookbooks to help patients prepare enjoyable and nutritious meals, and a supportive care program that encompasses medical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of diabetes patients. 
City of Hope’s Cookbooks
Each year, the Department of Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism at City of Hope compiles a mouth-watering selection of delicious, healthy recipes tailored to the needs of diabetes patients in its annual cookbook.
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The best of the best. You'll find the recipes prized the most from the past five years. Try favorites like Chilly Veggie Pizza, Roasted Italian Vegetables, Chicken Piccata and Lemon & Peach Delight.
Tempting fare for the holidays or any time, like yummy Spinach Cheese Rolls, delicate Asian Noodle Salad, sumptuous Almond Pork Tenderloin, and delightful Fruit Tartlets.
Tiempo de Disfrutar de la Comida
Un libro de recetas para el cuidado de diabetes.
Season's Eatings
A holiday cookbook brimming with tasty treats like Turkey Turnovers, Cornish Hens in Cider and Cranberry Chocolate Trifle.

Tiempo de Disfrutar de la Comida
Un libro de recetas para el cuidado de la diabetes y su salud.

Diabetes Outlook
A mouthwatering array of diabetes-friendly recipes including Broccoli & Almond Salad, Chicken Tikka Kebobs, and Tiramisu.

Season's Eatings
An excellent recipe selection including these flavorful dishes: Fresh Orange, Turkey and Pasta Salad; Cranberry Apple Bread; Turkey Divan Casserole and Strawberry Parfait.
Holiday Delights
A delicious selection of recipes for diabetes management including Filo Cheese Triangles, Shrimp Quesadillas and Tofu Basil Pesto.