Champions of Hope

Pay tribute to your Champion of Hope
Making a charitable donation is a powerful way to recognize dedication to patient care at City of Hope. Your contribution helps fund needed research with the potential to help others who face cancer by producing better therapies — and, one day, cures.


We know that there is more to cancer treatment than dealing with symptoms and fighting off disease. Patients also rely on the kindness and compassion of the people who help them out along the way.


Your medical journey may have featured a star who went above and beyond. This may have been a doctor, a nurse, a technician, a therapist or a volunteer — any special face who brought hope along with healing.


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Your Gift at Work
Your gift to City of Hope does more than save lives; it transforms the way we fight cancer. It enables us to bring better, smarter and more innovative technologies and treatments to our patients each and every day. Learn more >>


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