Breast Cancer Resources

All of our patients have access to the Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center , which offers a wide array of support and educational services. Patients and loved ones may work with a coordinated group of social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, patient navigators, pain management specialists and spiritual care providers at the center, as well as participate in programs such as music therapy, meditation and many others.

Additional Resources
Breast Health and Breast Cancer Information
  • American Cancer Society (ACS)
    ACS has 3,400 offices across the country. The ACS website offers an online community and contains abundant information about breast
    cancer and the affected areas of one’s life. ACS also connects patients with clinical trials.
    A physician-reviewed website, helps you to identify important questions to ask your physician. also hosts Ask-the-Expert online conferences and offers information on breast cancer. Discussion groups are available to connect with others, as well.
  • Breast Cancer Network of Strength
    800-221-2141 (English and non-Spanish languages)
    800-986-9505 (Spanish)
    Network of Strength offers a wealth of information on breast cancer in several different languages, while maintaining a focus on emotional support through the YourShoes peer counselor hotline. Peer support is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and is available in over 150 languages. Informational brochures are available and  low-income women can apply for a free wig, prostheses, or mastectomy bra.
  • Breast Cancer Support
    Breast Cancer Support offers online discussion boards for women diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as their family, friends, and caregiver(s). Links to the latest research news in breast cancer
    are posted daily.
  • Busted Foundation
    Offers financial support to women, especially those in Southern California, who are experiencing financial hardship due to their medical treatment. Educational support including information on insurance, how to access grants, and other charity organizations is also offered by contacting them through their website.
  • CancerCare
    CancerCare offers financial assistance for copays, prescriptions, transportation, childcare, and homecare. Professional oncology social workers offer free one-on-one counseling. Support groups, workshops, and a telephone helpline are available. The website has information topics for a variety of cancer diagnoses.
  • Gilda’s Club
    (Affiliate of the Cancer Support Community) (Coachella Valley region)
    760-770-5678 (National)
    Based predominantly on the east coast, Gilda’s Club serves the Coachella Valley region in Riverside County. Free psychosocial cancer support is offered to those affected by cancer. Gilda’s Club also provides programs like Tai-Chi, pilates, knitting, socials, various support groups for individuals and families, and etcetera.
  • The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation
    Designed specifically for women struggling with inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). A variety of information is available in various formats, including brochures that can be ordered through their website.
  • Living Beyond Breast Cancer
    888-753-5222 offers free brochures in English and Spanish on various types of breast cancer
    issues like financial and emotional support. A discussion board and educational webcasts are also on the website.
  • Los Angeles Breast Cancer Alliance
    LABCA offers a variety of programs, including financial assistance for transportation. LABCA also offers non-clinical support to women diagnosed with breast cancer, including a special program specifically for young women.
  • Men Against Breast Cancer
    An organization designed by men to offer support to empower men when a female they love is diagnosed with breast cancer. The organization provides support and information for men on how to appropriately be a caregiver to their loved one. Men are encouraged to join advocacy efforts to find a cure for breast cancer.
  • Metastatic Breast Cancer Information and Support
    These two sites offer women with metastatic breast cancer a safe place to connect with one another via an email list group. Information is available on the website regarding breast cancer and treatment.
  • Mothers Supporting Daughters with Breast Cancer
    Offers one-on-one peer support for mothers who have a daughter diagnosed with breast cancer.  Also available are free educational materials for mothers and daughters with information on how to support each other.
  • National Breast Cancer Foundation
    The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) provides funding for women who cannot afford mammograms to receive them for free. Their website has an online message board, as well as information on risks, diagnosis, and treatment options.
  • National Cancer Institute (NCI)
    NCI offers a wealth of information and educational materials for patients and families. Also offers information on various treatment options and clinical trials.
  • National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
    Offer a survivor-led advocacy group with the goal of empowering cancer survivors and advocating for equality cancer care. Their website also has their free, award-winning "Cancer Survivor’s Toolbox."
  • National Lymphedema Network
    Provides free information and guidance to patient’s experiencing lymphedema, including prevention and management techniques. Their website also provides information on support groups and clinical trials.
  • Pink-Link
    Search for other women with breast cancer through Pink-Link’s Breast Cancer Support Network. You can also subscribe to their Pink-Link Newsletter.
  • SHARE: Self-help for Women with Breast or Ovarian Cancer
    SHARE has a telephone support program in 12 different languages. SHARE also hosts support groups, educational programs, and encourages advocacy. They also offer a monthly newsletter for  updates.
  • Sharsheret
    Offers resources for young Jewish women confronted with breast cancer. A peer support service is provided to connect young women with others who have experienced a similar diagnosis.
  • Sisters Breast Cancer Survivors Network
    A support network aimed to assist African American women with breast cancer. They have a support group that meets once a month in Los Angeles.
  • Susan G. Komen for the Cure
    Susan G. Komen for the Cure is one of the most popular breast cancer support organizations. The website includes educational materials, information on organizations that patients can contact for financial assistance, and a message board. There is also a national breast care helpline for support.
  • Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation
    Offers a toll-free hotline for women diagnosed with breast cancer and their loved ones. Also provides support to researchers to learn more about triple negative breast cancer.
  • The Wellness Community (Affiliate of the Cancer Support Community) (Pasadena)
    626-796-1083 (West LA)
    310-314-2555 (National)
    The Wellness Community offers a variety of programs, including online and face-to-face support groups, short-term therapy for cancer related issues, yoga and other mind-body classes, educational classes, social events, and etcetera. All programs and services are free to participants.
  • WeSpark Cancer Support Center
    818-906-3022 (Sherman Oaks)
    661-288-2322 (Santa Clarita)
    WeSpark offers free supportive services to individuals diagnosed with cancer and their families. Services offered include a variety of support groups, yoga, Thai-Chi and other mind and body classes, acupuncture, and workshops.
  • Young Survival Coalition
    Dedicated to addressing the unique issues faced by women under the age of 40 diagnosed with breast cancer. Their website also has an online bulletin board. Women can call the number listed to be connected with a peer who has experienced a similar diagnosis and treatment who can offer peer support.