Abstract for Grants

The Biostatistics Core is directed by Dr. Jeffrey Longmate, Director of the Division of Biostatistics, with Dr. David D. Smith serving as Co-Director. The Biostatistics Core draws effort from a large part of the Division of Biostatistics, with the Biostatistics Core enabling their participation in Cancer Center-related pilot projects and proposals, which may later develop into externally funded projects.  The Biostatistics Core is directly involved in Cancer Center research from the inception of a research idea to the publication of results.

Clinical research projects account for the largest portion of core use, but the Biostatistics Core also supports basic and translational research, as well as assisting several other cores.  The Biostatistics Core staff collaborate closely with the Biomedical Informatics core to support data processing and analysis of gene expression microarrays, and the Biostatistics Core works closely with both the Clinical Research Informatics Core and the Clinical Trials Management Core to implement City of Hope-conducted or coordinated clinical protocols.  In addition to these ongoing collaborative efforts, there have been more technically-focused projects in which the Biostatistics Core has supported the other cores in the implementation of technologies that involve statistical measurement issues.  This has recently included the Affymetrix Core, the Clinical Immunobiology Correlative Studies Lab, and the Genotyping Core.
Services include:
Collaboration is our main activity.  The core statisticians generally contribute to the design and analysis of research projects as co-investigators and co-authors.   We collaborate in basic, translational, clinical and population-based research.
Consulting is available to advise investigators on statistical issues in research.  Consulting generally consists of one or two meetings, and it’s free.  This is a good way to explore possible collaboration, or just get statistical questions answered.
Case finding:  The core can provide HIPAA-compliant identification of patients with stored tissue samples or other characteristics.
Statistical Computing is provided in conjunction with collaboration.
The Division of Biostatistics is located in the Information Sciences Bldg. (Bldg. #171).