Available Tests

In addition to standard typing as itemized in the chart below, City of Hope's Histocompatiblity Laboratory now offers:

Tests                                                          Methodology
HLA-AB Typing                                                               Luminex
Donor/Recipient Crossmatch                                    Serology
HLA Antibody Screening                                              Serology/SSOP
B27 Typing                                                                      PCR-SSP/SBT
HLA-ABC Low Resolution Typing                               SSOP
HLA-DRB1, DQB1 Low Resolution Typing               SSOP
HLA-ABC High Resolution Typing                              PCR-SSP or SBT
HLA-DRB1, DPB1, DQB1 High ResolutionTyping  PCR-SSP or SBT

Engraftment Analysis                                                   Short Tandem Repeat
Fees for tests will be provided upon request.