Pediatric Cancers

Learning that a child has cancer is probably the most frightening news a parent can ever receive.  Every day, City of Hope’s team of researchers aggressively study the science behind childhood cancers. These studies mean that our scientific team and their partners bring new therapies to kids as fast and safely as possible.

At City of Hope, our team of pediatric experts provides comprehensive care, offering both outstanding medical treatment and psycho-social support to young cancer patients and their family members. Pediatric oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, pathologists, and other specialists work in concert to develop a targeted, effective treatment plan, while professionals in psychology, social work, recreational therapy, music and art therapy, and school relations provide individual attention and group activities for patients and their families.
Additionally, the Pediatric Family Center at City of Hope’s Helford Clinical Research Hospital provides special accommodations for children and teen patients, including a playroom, teen room, family lounge, and a library.  Rooms feature a comfortable sleeper chair for overnight visitors, video game systems and Internet access.

The Pediatric Cancers Program’s focus extends to treating older adolescents and young adults, ensuring a continuum of care through the years for this special group of patients. We also emphasize successful survivorship – continued surveillance to monitor and proactively address long-term effects of childhood cancer.
City of Hope’s Pediatric Cancers Program specializes in treatment for many childhood cancers and conditions, including: