Facts and Figures

Since its founding in 1913, City of Hope has achieved numerous scientific breakthroughs and pioneered many lifesaving procedures that have impacted treatment worldwide. Here are the latest facts about City of Hope:
Institutional Distinctions
City of Hope is one of only 41 Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the country – the highest designation bestowed by theNational Cancer Institute– and a founding member of theNational Comprehensive Cancer Network, which defines and sets standards for cancer care nationally.Last year, City of Hope conducted more than 300studiesenrolling more than 5,000 patients.
Research and Treatment Milestones
City of Hope’s research has led to breakthrough cancer drugs such as Herceptin, Rituxan, Avastin and Erbitux, as well as synthetic human insulin – all of which are saving millions of lives worldwide. A pioneer in bone marrow transplantation, City of Hope has performed more than 10,680bone marrowandstem cell transplants, making it one of the largest, most successful programs of its kind in the world.
Recent Research Breakthroughs
Every day, City of Hope Research pushes the edges of scientific knowledge. Currently, we are investigating how cancerstem cellsare regulated at the molecular level in order to develop more targeted therapies. We are also working to isolatelung cancermarkers, screen more youngbreast cancerpatients for cancer genes, develop new tools for diagnosingprostate cancerand mobilize the immune system to fightbrain cancer.
Unparalleled Resources
A new model for rapidly translating innovations from the research lab to the clinic, City of Hope’s Center for Biomedicine & Genetics is recognized as the nation’s premier academic biology research & biologic manufacturing facility. The Center for Biomedicine & Genetics provides researchers everywhere with a wide array of biologics manufacturing expertise.
Expansion Efforts
From theHelford Clinical Research Hospital, one of the most advanced cancer hospitals in the nation, to theArnold and Mabel Beckman Center for Cancer Immunotherapeutics& Tumor Immunology– housing a spectrum of medical research activities andtheIrell & Manella Graduate School of Biological Sciencesof City of Hope– to theSheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center, which integrates critical support services for patients and loved ones, City of Hope is expanding its infrastructure to enhance all aspects ofresearch,treatmentandeducation.
How City of Hope Adds Up
City of Hope is ranked as one of “America’s Best Hospitals” in cancerby U.S.News & World Report. Many of our physicians are featured in “America’s Top Doctors for Cancer,” a guide to the nation’s highest-regarded cancer specialists. We are fully accredited by The Joint Commission , which is the most widely recognized health care accrediting body in the United States. In addition, City of Hope is listed among the top charitable organizations in the nation by Charity Navigator , Forbes and other nationally recognized publications.
Quarterly Financials
City of Hope Quarterly Financial Statements and Management, Discussion and Analysis Reports