During Surgery

Once you are in the operating room, the anesthesiologist will place a variety of monitors on you to measure your blood pressure, heart function, breathing and the oxygen content in your blood. You will be given oxygen to breathe through a mask.
Then, you will be given anesthetic drugs through your IV (intravenous) line, or you will be given anesthetic gases to inhale. The anesthesiologist adjusts your medications to keep you asleep and pain free for the entire procedure. During surgery, your condition is carefully monitored, evaluated and controlled.  A member of the anesthesia team is with you throughout the surgical procedure.
At the end of the surgical procedure, the anesthetic agents are stopped and medications may be given to reverse the effects of earlier medications. You will then be transferred to the Post-anesthesia Care Unit for recovery.
During your surgery and recovery time, your family and friends can stay in a special waiting area where the surgeon will meet with them at the end of the procedure.